Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saving space in a crowded city
There's a parking lot in the Bic Camera building in Yokohama which asks you to fold down the antenna on the roof of your car. This is because your car will be parked on top of another car and still another car parked on top of yours.
You drive your car into the brightly painted room you are directed to and just leave it there. A uniformed attendant gives you a card with your car's number on it.
When you want your car back, you just insert the card with the number of your car on it into a machine and take a seat in a comfortable chair to wait until your car's number appears on a display.
When your car's number comes up, you go back into the brightly lit room to find your car waiting for you.
The thing is, cars stacked on top of each other take up less space than when parked side by side. Roof-top parking is all done automatically by a hard-working roof-top parking machine.
- Natasha Nakamura