Monday, September 24, 2012

Searching for oneself
We hear that a woman described as Asian (we think quite possibly from Tokyo as she's wonderfully adventurous and extremely clothes conscious), wearing well-cut dark clothes and speaking good English, went missing while on a bus tour to the Eldgja volcanic canyon in southern Iceland.
  A search for the missing woman was organized with more than fifty people and vehicles and a helicopter brought in to stand by.
It transpired that the "missing" woman had stepped off the bus to change her clothes and when she got back on nobody recognized her. When everybody on the bus was told someone was missing, she joined in the search for the missing person. She began to think something was awry when he read a description of the missing person handed out to everyone and thought it sounded a lot like herself. She reported her suspicions to the police, who took a good look at her and called the search off.
- Ian Kennedy