Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Announcement on train

The next stop is Shinjuku. The doors on the left side will open. Please change here for the Yamanote Line, the Chuo Line, the Shonan-Shinjuku Line, the Saikyo Line, the Odakyu-Odawara Line, the Keio Line, the Marunouchi Line, the Toei-Shinjuku Line, and the Toei-Oedo Line. Please watch your step when you leave the train.

Sorry, could you run that by me again?

Hint: Wandering in Tokyo, as is the best way to see the city, you are sure to get lost, just like everybody. (It doesn't help that most streets have no name, or if they do it is just an informal name bestowed by the neighborhood and on no map. As, for instance, Cat Street in Shibuya, so called because there used to be a lot of cats around here.) But the solution is just to ask anybody where the nearest station is. (Ichiban chikai eki wa doko des' ka?) This question will get you instant sympathy and as all stations are connected will get you back to your home station in a jiffy. 

- Jimmy Nakamura

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