Sunday, November 18, 2012

The etiquette of argument

Japanese avoid arguing, which is why Japanese politics is so lifeless. But if you are determined to offer an alternative to the other fellow's point of view, after he has made a statement you find questionable instead of confronting him head-on, you should first say so desu ne, which means "Ah, that's certainly true." Only then can you proceed to chip away at his position.

(I say "he" here because Japanese women are not inclined to argue outside the home at all, oh no.)

- Amelia LaGordo


  1. Is this still true about women? I know they are reserved (sou desu ne! XD) but I feel like times are changing and girls and women are more outspoken. However, I've seen that to be true about men. I can definitely understand the importance of politeness, but it seems unnecessary sometimes. Interesting post!

  2. A vibrant society is always changing, of course. Changes in Tokyo over the last 30 years have been momentous, and more to come.