Thursday, October 17, 2013

natasha nakamura's diary

Posters in subway saying it is bad manners to apply your makeup in the subway. "Good manners are more attractive than your makeup will make you." Sure. Also makeup must be difficult to put on in the train. But what other city would be so prescriptive?

"Do not walk onto the subway tracks because it is dangerous" is another wonderfully solipsistic instruction. Also, "Counterfeit credit cards not accepted."

Long-legged lady juggling two cellphones. "Why two?" I ask her. "One for business, one for me" OK. But why not make a cellphone that can handle both? And while you're at it let's have a cellphone that can keep communications with multiple boyfriends absolutely separate. Anyway, I don't want to carry these things around with me. They are almost as big as a butter dish. Give me a cellphone I can wear around my wrist, or perhaps, discreetly bejeweled (this would be tricky), around my neck. 

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