Thursday, November 21, 2013

Japan is now making its own wine. This is going to take some time,
but we've got time...

natasha nakamura's diary

I live on the Toyoko Line, which connects Yokohama to Shibuya and so it is a key component of our urban transportation system. It's a mighty fine line, with its cars always polished and its staff ultra-polite.

Every month the line publishes a free magazine called Salus which gives news of what's going on along the Toyoko Line and connecting lines.

This month there's a rundown of French restaurants along the Oimachi Line--Trois Petits Loups, Allo, Porte Bonheur, and Les Chevreuils. There's also news of a couple new French bakeries. Most everyone knows there are good croissants at Quatre in Hiyoshi but now there may be easy-to-hand alternatives. 

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