Thursday, November 7, 2013

natasha nakamura's diary

Dinner with Hugo and two couples who he knew at Hugo's club called Century Court near Tokyo Station, the land for blocks around owned by Mitsubishi Corp. We approached from Yurakucho Station down car-less Marunouchi Dori, the trees on both sides lit up by sparkling lights, a great urban scene.

The club itself is in a perfectly preserved art-deco building which was taken over during the Occupation by MacArthur's GHQ, as is the right of conquerors.

Our meal was miraculous, by a Japanese chef who trained at a three-star restaurant in Belgium. We started with Champagne and had a different wine for each of the five courses. To my taste, the most exquisite course was the warm foie gras with a white Burgundy. I have an idea we should call this vision of eating "Western kaiseki". We were just overwhelmed.

Does Hugo want me to marry him? Does he believe in marriage at all? Can two people who don't believe in marriage live happily together? Why not? 

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