Thursday, December 26, 2013

Here at the pet shop, you can choose what food you think your dog would prefer. Detailed explanations are offered.

natasha nakamura's diary


1. A man to live with. What sort of man I am not prepared to specify now but I know I will know him when I see him. Possible minimum requirements: he buys interesting CDs regularly and plays them during dinner; most days he prefers to make his own breakfast; he is clean and energetic and literate and naturally sympathetic.

2. A house to live in. It can be a very small house, perhaps as small as the 5.5-meter-square house designed by Architect Hagiwara, in which case there will have to be a basement with shelves along the walls for CDs, books, and curios. The house should not be in a fashionable neighborhood like Jiyugaoka, but in an emerging neighborhood we can work to make our own.

3. Money enough to travel abroad at least every other year.

4. Children? Maybe, but at least a male pug or French bulldog or Boston terrier to perhaps be called "Looie." (100,000 yen at a pet shop in Roppongi or Aoyama, which is cheaper than children because they don't have to be educated.)

5. The possibility of maintaining a small sailboat of classic design at Zushi.

I feel that for reasonably hard-working people in an affluent society, these are reasonable requirements.

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