Thursday, January 30, 2014

A turret of Tokyo Station

natasha nakamura's diary

The company bonenkai, the ritual New Year's party. Various company officials, after apologizing for distracting such busy people as ourselves from our duties, went on and on about our glorious future prospects and everyone's determination to work harder than ever. Then a toast in beer and uninspiring wine, after which a standing buffet and aimless conversation until we were divided into teams and asked to provide answers to a bone-headed quiz. I drifted away as soon as I could....

At the bonenkai I was approached by one of the big wigs who told me he brought up his daughter in Hawaii and she's now 26 and living at home and wants to find an American husband to take her away from all this and did I know anyone. The Natasha Nakamura Matrimonial Agency. Results guaranteed 

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