Monday, February 10, 2014

natasha nakamura's diary

I find it a challenge to live in a small space, as I am used to living in (slightly) larger spaces. But the problem has not been addressed with imagination here. In a small apartment, the couch should be the bed. There should be storage space on the roof or in the basement. The doors of the refrigerator should be transparent so you could see exactly where everything is without opening the door and anyway the refrigerator in a tiny apartment should only have to hold the ingredients of a good breakfast (the coffee pot should be built in) and maybe a hearty soup. As a rule, you should eat out and consider the cost part of the rent.

Audio and TV and computer should all be built in too. Telephone calls should be answerable simply by talking loudly, so no receiver would be necessary. Gardens, showers, and perhaps even toilets should  be shared, which should free up enough room so the complex could share a little garden. You'll go to the  public bath, of course, when you want to soak. 

A major problem remains: what to do with the magazines and books acquired but not yet read. Some discipline required here, that's all.   

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