Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dentist office on second floor.

natasha nakamura's diary

So back to Tokyo. Can't be blamed for wanting to come home, at least for a while.

Somethings have changed. Is it my imagination or have women's breasts grown larger? They are certainly more prominently featured in ads on the trains and on the covers of the titillating weeklies. There are more cafes, some even with a few seats outside. The Oedo Line is hard at work redesigning its stations, each of which has its own design motif. (My heart goes out to those poor souls who have to ride the rumbling, crumbling commuter trains between Greenwich and Grand Central.)

There is some fine graffiti, as for instance under the Tokyu Line tracks between Yokohama and Sakuragicho. Grocery stores are stocking more spices and condiments from abroad like chutney and there seem to be more little shops selling things which foreigners find "smart," such as well-designed household implements like kitchen clocks. (I ran across a store in Harajuku that's nothing but chairs from all over the world, artfully arranged. It looks like a chair museum.)

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